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Travelling to remote areas with my family has been almost the “Norm”. Almost 25 years ago travelling "The Karakorum Highway" through China, Pakistan, and Rwanda to track gorillas, India on numerous occasions, camping and being driven across the African Safari in the back of an old Bedford lorry, more stories than I can remember.
More recently I have travelled, predominantly by myself in a small motor home through most of Europe, Turkey Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Iran, Turkmenistan Uzbekistan and many more of The Stan countries.

I also have a small motor home, or at least did until it finished at the bottom of a Canadian lake in which I have visited all the states in America. So much travelling and so many stories several “friends" suggested I write a book on my travels.
During my 2008 trip I kept a detailed log so that on my return I would be able to write my journal which, was received by many as hilarious in places and interesting throughout, with an insistence by most that I continue writing them on each of my long trips.
To date I have written and made available on this site 2008 and 2009 journals 2010 will be added just as soon as its finished.


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